Working with a Smaller Space

Designing A Kid-Safe Pool

Many parents hesitate to install a pool on their property for safety reasons. While kids love to spend time in the water, pool injuries can be devastating. Fortunately, smart design choices make it possible to install a kid-safe pool. 

Use Rubber Pavers

Rubber pavers provide a non-slip, soft surface to line the area around your pool. Compared to stone and brick pavers, rubber pavers are safe for children of all ages to walk on. Children are far less likely to slip on rubber than they are on harder stone surfaces, and children who do slip may be less likely to hurt their head or skin their knees. This is why rubber is commonly used to line the ground in parks and playgrounds. 

Install More Than One Safety Feature

Parents hoping to protect their children from pool related injuries and drownings will have their choice of many safety features. Installing more than one safety feature will help ensure that the pool area is safe for children. Here are a few examples of the different safety features that parents commonly install:

  • Fences. Lining the entire pool with a fence that includes a self-closing, self-latching gate will ensure that small children are unable to get into the pool area without parental supervision. 
  • Alarms. Pool alarms are a common device designed to alert parents when the water in the pool is disturbed.
  • Covers. Stiff covers prevent children from falling into the pool even if they do gain access to the pool area. 
  • Nets. Pool nets are similar to covers in that they prevent small children from falling into the pool. Nets are attached to the perimeter of the pool, and are pulled tight enough over the surface of the pool that children can walk on the net without falling in. 

Mark the Depths

Children who misjudge the depth of the pool can make mistakes (like diving into the shallow end), which can lead to injuries. Marking the depths of the pool can prevent children from misjudging the depth of the water. 

Install Lights

Night swimming is great fun as long as it's safe. Installing lights inside the pool will allow children to safely enjoy the pool at all times, day or night. Lights also allow parents to monitor their children while they play in the water after dark. 

Parents hoping to learn more about how they can design a kid-friendly pool and keep their children safe should speak with their pool builders. Working with a professional pool contractor, parents should be able to install a pool that is relatively safe. 

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Working with a Smaller Space

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