Working with a Smaller Space

How To Maximize Attendance At Water Parks

If you're a hotel resort owner, then you certainly know how competitive the hotel sector is. In such a business environment, the only way to maintain or increase your market share is by distinguishing yourself from the other hotel resorts. This can be done with the construction of a water park, for example. However, water park construction projects are very capital-intensive, which is why it's essential to first develop an effective strategy to generate revenues sustainably. As you read this article, you'll learn how to maximize attendance. 

Addressing with seasonality and weather issues

Depending on the type of water park you want for your resort, you may or may not have to consider seasonality and weather issues.  As you might know, seasonality is one of the leading reasons why hotel resorts' revenues fluctuate a lot during the year. Building an indoor water park will considerably reduce those fluctuations, as people will be able to come have fun whenever they want. And this will ultimately enable the resort to generate money all year long.

Similarly, weather will no longer affect the attendance rate negatively since the indoor water park will remain open even during rainy days.

Your water park must be accessible

When it comes to recreational zones, there are two main requirements that must be met to guarantee high rates of attendance:

  • An interstate/highway must be easily accessible
  • The water park must be within 200 miles of a large metropolitan area

Investing in the construction of a water park makes no sense if it's going to be located in a remote area. This is because the larger the distance to cover, the less likely families will be willing to drive, even if they know they'll have fun. So by installing your water park close to a city where many people reside, you considerably increase your chances of meeting the revenues' goals set at the beginning of the year because the water park will be easily accessible.

Experiencing success with your water park will heavily depend on your ability to attract customers. Make sure you don't restrict the water park access to hotel guests as this will enable you to maximize your business' revenues. If you decide to limit admissions to the hotel park, then allocate a few hours per day for the general public. After all, converting more water park customers into hotel guests makes more sense for you financially, since they'll spend more for your resort's services.

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Working with a Smaller Space

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