Working with a Smaller Space

Are You Ready For Pool Ownership? 3 Important Questions To Ask Yourself

There are many benefits to owning a pool. For instance, you get to enjoy a great place to cool off and relax on hot summer days while adding potential resale value to your home in the process. However, owning a pool comes with a lot of responsibility, cost, and dedication of your time. As such, there are a few important questions you'll want to ask yourself before you decide to have one installed on your property.

Do You Have the Time to Maintain a Pool?

One of the biggest surprises you may face after having a pool installed is just how much of your time is required in maintaining your pool. This is especially true if you live in an area of the country that sees harsh winters, as you'll need to spend a substantial amount of time going through the procedures of opening your pool in the summer and closing it in the winter.

On top of that, you'll need to maintain a safe chemical balance in your pool, which means taking the time to test the water and add chemicals daily. If you don't have the time or aren't home enough to do this, then pool ownership may not be for you.

Do You Have the Money to Maintain a Pool?

In addition to the time that's required to maintain your swimming pool, there's also a substantial financial obligation involved with keeping your pool maintained. Since pool chemicals need to be added daily, the costs can add up quickly over the course of a few months. Then, there's always the cost of pool accessories, such as vacuums, skimmers, rafts, and the like. Make sure you have the money not only for the pool's installation, but for maintenance as well.

Is Your Property Suited for a Pool?

Finally, consider your property; if it's heavily sloped, then installing an above-ground pool may be a challenge because extensive ground leveling will be required. For underground pools, you may want to have a soil test done before you attempt installation, as soil with high rock content may make excavation difficult and expensive.

By knowing what type of pool your property is best suited for ahead of time, you can avoid running into additional installation expenses and challenges down the road.

By asking yourself these questions, you can ultimately make a better informed decision regarding whether or not you're ready for pool ownership. For more help, you may try contacting a pool and spa warehouse with your concerns.

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Working with a Smaller Space

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