Working with a Smaller Space

3 Reasons to Use Salt in Your Pool Rather than Chlorine Tablets

Many people have swimming pools in their own backyard. This is a great way to enjoy a hot summer's day, exercise, or entertain guests. Pools can be a lot of work though, which is why it is important that before you get a pool you are prepared to care for it. When caring for your pool you have a couple different options for cleaning, you can use salt or chlorine. Salt is one of the best options and here are some reasons why.

1. It Keeps the Pool Cleaner

The salt that you use is called sodium chloride. The salt has chloride in it but it isn't done using liquid or tablets. Instead, you install a special part to the filter that helps to circulate the salt throughout the entire pool. This ensures that the salt and the chemicals are evenly distributed so that you don't have to clean the pool as often.

Because the salt dissolves into the water, it is easier to keep the chemicals balanced and in so doing, keeps the water cleaner. For example, in some cases you won't need to shock the pool as often because of the sodium chloride.

2. You Won't Smell or Feel Like You're Swimming in Bleach

Some people hate swimming in pools because they come out smelling like they have just swam in bleach. This cannot only be frustrating for the way that you smell, but it can irritate your skin.

Instead of having a strong scent of chlorine, a pool that uses salt will smell faintly of salt. If you were to drink the pool water it would taste salty. In fact, it might even feel like you are swimming in the ocean. Many people prefer this experience over the smell of chlorine.

3. It Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Even though initially you will have to pay for the extra parts to help the salt circulate through the water, it will actually be cheaper as you use the pool more. The salt that you buy can be pretty affordable compared to the chlorine chemicals.

In addition, it can be a lot easier to maintain. You won't need to clean the pool as often and you don't have to worry about testing the chemicals as often. So if you are willing to bite the bullet in the beginning you can actually save a good deal of money.

These are just a couple reasons to use salt instead of chlorine tablets in your pool. Learn more good reasons by consulting with resources such as Splash Swimming Pools.

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Working with a Smaller Space

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