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How To Find A Swimming Pool Leak

If you have an inground swimming pool, it should only need routine maintenance and minor repairs over an extended period of time. However, if you find that you have to add water to it on a regular basis, you are probably dealing with a leak. The most difficult part of a swimming pool leak is finding out where it is coming from. These tips will help you to find that leak so you can get it fixed.

Determine if You Have a Leak

Before you start looking for the leak, you need to figure out if you actually have a leak. It is not uncommon to lose a small amount of water every week, due to condensation and a variety of other reasons. When it is only an inch or two, it isn't typically a big deal. To find out if you have a leak, get a bucket and fill it with water from your swimming pool. Place it on the steps of your pool so that the top of the bucket reaches over the pool's water level. This allows the water in the bucket to stay the same temperature in the pool.

Over the next few days, watch the difference between the water level in the bucket and in the pool. If the water in the bucket remains the same, but the pool water level goes down, you probably have a leak.

Finding the Leak

Now that you know you have a leak, you can start finding the location of the leak. Re-fill your swimming pool so it is at its normal level, then make a mark at the water level with a piece of duct tape. Let your filter system run and return to the pool the following day to see how much water was lost. Re-fill the pool again to the right level, and turn the filter system off this time. Come back again the following day and see how much water was lost.

If more water is lost when the filter system is on, you know the leak is located somewhere on the pressure side of the pool's plumbing system. It will have to be located past the impeller of the pump. If more water was lost when the filter was turned off, the leak is located on the vacuum side of the pool's plumbing, which has to be before the pump's impeller. If the loss of water was the same with the filter on and off, then it is a leak in your pool's structure, and not a plumbing problem.

Fixing the Leak

Once you know the general area of the leak, you can look further into it to find the exact location. If it has to do with the filter system, it should be easy enough to have the filter system repaired. When you have trouble finding it, which is not uncommon, the best thing to do is locate a pool contractor in your area. They use a series of tests to determine the location and will also repair the leak for you.

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