Working with a Smaller Space

4 Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes That Are Made Too Often

As a homeowner with a swimming pool, you must know that it comes with a large responsibility, especially if you want to ensure that your swimming pool can continue to be used without causing a number of health issues from lack of swimming pool care. If the swimming pool water is not well maintained, it can lead to algae growth and a number of other problems. Here are four swimming pool mistakes that are often made that can lead to issues you should be avoiding:

  1. Not Checking Pool's Water Chemistry: Many of those who have a pool in their backyard are not checking the water chemistry often enough. It is important to check it at least twice per week in the summer and once per week in the winter. This is going to allow you to make changes to bring the water back into balance and thus stay safe and swimmable. Without a balanced pH level, sanitizers for the swimming pool can be ineffective. You can purchase a pH balance tester from your local swimming pool maintenance store or possibly even your local hardware store. 
  2. Not Cleaning Basket or Lint Pot: These two areas of the swimming pool collect a great deal of debris. If it is not cleaned out, it can lead to major problems since your pool will not easily be able to stay clean. With too much debris built up in these areas, it won't be able to trap other debris left in the pool. You will essentially have to drain the water fully to clean the pool at this point and then refill it, which is a lot more work that could have otherwise been avoided. 
  3. Not Brushing Walls and Tile: Brushing the walls and tile in the swimming pool often is important and will help you to avoid major expenses in the future. This is because eventually algae will begin to form and the tiles will become like plaque. It will take a specialist's help to remove this and you may even end up having to replace the tile altogether. 
  4. Not Running Pumps: Many homeowners with a swimming pool do not run their pumps often enough. This hinders circulation of the water, which causes a great deal of maintenance issues since the water won't be able to continually be filtered and cleaned. Pumps should be run for at least an hour after temperature in the air changes by ten degrees. You can install an automatic pump that will allow this to happen without any work on your end. 

By avoiding these swimming pool mistakes, you can keep your pool as low maintenance as possible, which will make it much easier to keep up with and more affordable. If you have specific questions about the condition of your pool, or if it is damaged beyond what you can repair, make sure to contact a business like Shawnee Pools.

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Working with a Smaller Space

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