Working with a Smaller Space

Water Fun: 5 Signs Your Kids May Have Had Too Much

It's summer. Time to head to the water park for some fun in the sun. Water parks are a great way for your kids to cool down during those hot summer days. If you're not properly prepared, your kids can have too much fun. Unfortunately, that can lead to disastrous consequences. Take a look at the five situations you should keep an eye out for.

Too Hot

Kids love to play in the water. You might think that because they're in the water, they can't get too hot. Unfortunately, that's not always the truth. In fact, the sun tends to shine brighter on the water, which can expose your children to a greater heat threat. If your kids complain of being hot, have them sit down in the shade for a few minutes.

Too Cold

The longer kids play in the water, the more their body adapts to the temperature. They may not notice that they're getting cold. Because part of their body is exposed to the air and the other part is under water, their body temperature will have a hard time regulating itself. That can make your child feel colder than they actually are. If your child is shivering, or complains of being cold, have them sit down in the sun and wrap up in a towel for a few minutes.

Too Tired

Kids hate to admit when they're tired. Unfortunately, swimming while they're tired can be disastrous. This is especially true if they're swimming in the deep end of the water. They may not be able to make it back to safety if they become too tired to swim. If your child is yawning, or appears to be tired, have them get out of the water and lay down until they're rested.

Too Far Out

Before your kids get in the water, show them where all the lifeguard shacks are. Designate a distance that they're not allowed to cross. Lifeguards are there to watch over everyone, which means they might not be able to see your child if they begin to struggle further out in the water.  If you notice your child getting too far from the lifeguards signal for them to return.

Too Thirsty

Swimming burns a lot of calories. Even though your kids are in water, they're still going to be sweating and losing hydration. Be sure to bring plenty of clear water with you to the water park. If they complain of being thirsty, have them sit down and drink a bottle of water before heading back into the water.

Kids love to play in the water. Before you take off for the water park, make sure you and your kids are familiar with the warning signs and pool management techniques described above. 

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