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Four Medical Conditions That Can Be Relieved By Hot Tubs

Enjoying a hot tub is often seen as a solely recreational activity, being good for relaxing after a long day's work but not much else. What many people do not know, however, is that hot tubs also offer several health benefits that can relieve the symptoms and even slow down the progress of certain medical conditions. If you suffer from health issues and are still debating whether or not a hot tub is worth the cost and maintenance, consider the potential benefits it could have for both your physical and mental well-being. 

Reducing Back Pain

People who are prone to back troubles understand how much of a grind daily life can be when you are in constant pain. Spending a few hours suspended in warm, relaxing water every night takes pressure off of your spine and joints, giving them a break from the stress that accumulates even while you are sitting or standing. Furthermore, hot tubs equipped with water jets can be used for home hydrotherapy to massage aching muscles, increase circulation and improve the flexibility of your spine. 

Lowering Blood Pressure

Although doctors have traditionally warned patients with hypertension to be wary of hot tubs and saunas, a recent study found no significant risk or adverse side effects in hypertensive individuals who spent time in a hot tub. Heat causes your blood vessels to dilate and reduces the demand for warming blood in your extremities, making it easier for your heart to meet your body's needs and temporarily lowering your blood pressure. Do not transition too quickly between hot and cold water if you have a heart condition, and always defer to your doctor's recommendations to ensure your own safety.  

Soothing Arthritis

Like lower back pain, arthritis can benefit from the stress relief and improved circulation caused by immersion in warm water. Time spent in a hot tub allows joints to move freely, supported by water on all sides but not compressed by it, and reduces the inflammation that can be cripplingly painful and debilitating. Gentle stretches and movement in a hot tub can help you get your necessary exercise without wincing through it, and the benefits can last for hours after you leave the tub. 

Decreasing Blood Glucose Levels

Surprisingly, hot tubs can even make life easier for diabetics. It has been shown that spending time in a hot tub lowers blood sugar and may spur weight loss in diabetics. This is probably the result of better blood flow to muscles, along with the general relaxing effects of hot tubs. Diabetics should, however, take care to avoid burn damage to their hands and feet, which may have nerve damage and limit their ability to sense the temperature of the water. With so much to recommend them to homeowners in any state of health, it is easy to see why hot tubs remain an enduring and popular addition to many homes. 

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Four Medical Conditions That Can Be Relieved By Hot Tubs
13 November 2015

Enjoying a hot tub is often seen as a solely recre