Working with a Smaller Space

Don't Let the Rain Overfill Your Pool

When it rains, water from the downpour will land inside your pool and possibly cause it to overfill. While a pool is a home for water, there is such a thing as too much water. If your pool overfills, it's essential you take action. Learn how too much water can damage your pool.

Organic Growths

The water in your pool is filtered and balanced. Rainwater does not have the same characteristics. Rain can contain all sorts of organic matter, such as algae spores. As the water rests inside the pool, it can interact with the chemistry of your water, and the spores can eventually turn into full-blown algae. Algae make your pool look unpleasant and can throw the pH level of the water off, which means that the pool will be unusable until the water is treated. Keep in mind that algae growth can occur even if your pool doesn't overfill. 

Skimming Errors

A pool skimmer is a lifesaver. To keep you from spending countless hours cleaning debris from the pool, the skimmer will suck in debris from the water and send them straight towards the filter. When your pool is overfilled, the skimmer becomes entirely covered by water, which prevents it from working correctly. As a result, you will have more debris and insects inside your pool. Issues with the skimmer could also affect the pool's pump and may lead to the need for repairs. 

Deck Damage

Too much water can damage your pool deck. While it might come as a surprise, a pool deck is not meant to be saturated with water. However, when the pool is overfilled, the water will pool around the deck and rest there. Over time, the extra moisture will seep into the underlayers of the pool deck and cause the materials to loosen, warp, or crack. Once damage has occurred, the only way to correct the problem is to repair or replace the deck.

Protect your Pool

The best way to prevent any of the concerns mentioned above is to cover your pool when it rains. In addition to moisture, a pool cover can keep debris, such as leaves, from landing in your pool, in the event high winds accompany the rain. However, for the best results, keep your pool covered whenever it is not in use. 

Your pool is an investment, and it's up to you to protect it. Contact a pool maintenance company if you have problems with overfilling or for assistance with choosing an appropriate cover for your pool.

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Working with a Smaller Space

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