Working with a Smaller Space

Summer Is Coming. Is Your Pool Ready?

The spring is the perfect time of year to start thinking about your swimming pool again. After a long winter, it'll be nice to head outside and take stock of the area that you and your family will likely be spending a lot of time at by Memorial Day if you're lucky. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you move to get your swimming pool ready for the warmest days of the year.

Start with the Cover

If you're like most pool owners, you likely have some type of winter cover in place to protect your pool. You obviously need to start by removing this cover but that's easier said than done. A winter cover can be difficult to remove if it has a lot of water or debris on it. Consider using a sump pump to remove any water above the cover and sweep off the debris with a long broom. Get a friend to help you remove the cover and then make sure it is rolled properly in preparation for storage. Then, you can move to the pool itself.

Move Down the List of Working Parts

There are a lot of parts that make swimming pool tick and chances are you disconnected most of them before winter arrived. Go one by one through your pool filter, drain plugs, heating system, pool pump, and any other equipment that you own. Remove any debris if necessary and then reconnect each of these parts. Don't forget to flush the lines if you had any winterizing liquids run through.

Time for a Scrubbing

Even with a pool cover installed, you could end up with some stains developing along your pool's inner liner. Use the right cleaning solution for the stain involved and give the pool a good scrubbing. This is an area you may want to return to before you actually start swimming again later this spring or in early summer, but stains are usually easier to scrub off the sooner you get to them, so don't delay. You may also want to start adding chemicals to the pool's water if you are going to fill it up. The right chemical balance in the water can help prevent any additional stains from forming as you wait for the days to warm up.

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, consider hiring professional help. A swimming pool repair company, such as All-American Pools, can help you open your pool and then make any repairs needed during the process.

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Working with a Smaller Space

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