Working with a Smaller Space

Pool Designs: More Than Circles And Rectangles

Pool design services? Who needs pool design services? That is what you might be thinking when you are thinking about the fact that most pools come in three shapes; round, rectangular, and kidney-shaped. However, pool design goes far beyond your basic pool shapes. After you see what these services provide, you may just decide that you absolutely need a pool designer working for you. 


Some homeowners install a pool and never think once about lighting. However, lighting in the pool and lighting around the pool actually makes a pool safer. It shows people where not to walk when they are visiting you and happen to traipse into your backyard. It keeps most older kids from walking into the pool by accident, thereby preventing some drowning accidents. It is also very nice to have if you enjoy evening swims, midnight swims, or early morning swims when the sun is not up yet. Light chases off a lot of wild animals, too, but you will have to contend with more bugs. A pool designer can help you figure out where to place the lighting so that it is most effective for both safety and for highlighting the fact that you have a pool. 

Architectural Features That Really Make Your Pool Unique

If you have ever been to big resorts, they have these incredible pools. There are water slides, waterfalls, and warm water jets on the bottoms of the pools to keep the water from getting too cold. Many of these features were installed as part of a pool design just for this or that resort. You can have all of those features, and more, just by asking your designer about them and other unique features to add to your pool. 

Amazing Pool Decks

Installing a pool often leaves an area of grass and mud around the edge. You could just cover this with a walkway of concrete, but that generally is neither very attractive nor very safe when wet. If you ask that a pool deck be part of your pool design, you can get some really amazing pool decking built around your pool. The decking is both aesthetically pleasing and safer to walk on than bare concrete. It is also less likely to cause broken bones, concussions, and skinned knees because these decks are constructed from slip-proof materials. Ask your pool contractor to see a brochure or to see pictures of some of the past pool decks that the contractor has constructed and installed. 

For more information, contact pool design services.

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Working with a Smaller Space

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